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When you need a temporary restroom, consider our porta potty rentals.

While you probably think of us at RCS Inc. because of our more than 40-year history of serving the septic system needs of the Mint Hill, North Carolina area, we want you to know that we can also help with your temporary waste needs. We offer quality, well-maintained porta potty rentals for a variety of situations. Your rental fee includes delivery of a clean and sanitized unit, and a technician will ensure it stays that way throughout the entire rental. We will also handle pick-up of the porta potty when you are finished with it. We will haul it away, properly dispose of the waste, and then clean and sanitize it for the next user.

Porta Potty Rentals in Mint Hill, North Carolina

Porta potty rentals are an ideal solution for a variety of temporary situations or when it isn’t feasible to put in a septic system. Here are a few examples of situations in which we can assist you with a portable restroom:

  • Field Office: There are many businesses that operate off the beaten path that need restroom facilities for one or more workers stationed there. Forestry, archeological sites, and large farming operations are a few examples.
  • Outdoor Venue: It wouldn’t be feasible to put in a full restroom at a location where a festival only occurs once or twice a year, making porta potty rentals a more affordable option that doesn’t need to be maintained year-round.
  • Construction Site: The bathroom is not the first thing built when a new home or commercial building is erected, so porta potty rentals are a necessity and often utilized even once the project is complete so workers aren’t trudging through the building.
  • Renovations: If you are having major renovations done at your home or commercial property, you may not want dozens of workers using your regular restroom. Porta potty rentals preserve your current septic system that isn’t designed to handle the added demand.
  • Septic Work: It can sometimes take a while to arrange septic system repairs or replacement when there is a problem with yours, so a temporary solution is porta potty rentals.

This is just a partial list of times when our porta potty rentals can be an ideal solution. Feel free to reach out to us if you have these or another situation, and we’ll be happy to arrange one or more rental units for you.

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