Everything You Need to Know about Septic Inspections

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Everything You Need to Know about Septic Inspections If you’re in the market for buying a new home, you may have been told to get a septic inspection done if the home has a septic system. You may be wondering why. What even is a septic inspection? Why is it necessary? Our team at RCS Inc. is prepared to help you answer these key questions. Here’s everything you need to know about septic inspections.

What is a Septic Inspection?

A septic inspection is an inspection conducted that evaluates your septic system and determines if there are any issues and ensures that it is in good working condition. There are generally two types of septic inspections: visual and full inspections.

  • Visual Inspections – Visual inspections are typically done when someone is buying or selling a home. These inspections are generally quicker. The inspector will ask the homeowner some key questions about the septic system and then proceed to test the toilets and run water in the home. Then they will go to the drain field to confirm there is no standing water.
  • Full Inspections – A full septic inspection includes everything the visual inspection includes and more. A full inspection will also inspect the water levels in the septic tank, and backflow after the tank gets pumped for a more in-depth inspection.

How Often?

It is advised that you have your septic tank and system inspected about every 3-5 years. Around this time, you probably are in need of a professional to pump your tank, so it’s wise to go ahead and have a septic inspection conducted around the same time. In addition, it’s also advised to have a septic inspection done before you buy a home to ensure there are no underlying issues.