How Often Should Septic Maintenance Be Scheduled?

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It is a common misconception that the only time you need to be concerned about scheduling septic maintenance is when it is time for the septic tank to be pumped and cleaned. The reality is that there is more to keeping it performing as it should, as well as avoiding costly repairs or even premature failure and replacement costs.

Having a septic maintenance plan is the most cost-effective route

Think of your septic system like you would your vehicle. You don’t need to have it serviced just to change the oil. You also need to have the brakes, tires, fluids, and other parts inspected, adjusted, and replaced from time to time. You would also want to have a vehicle checked out thoroughly before you were to purchase it. Septic maintenance is much the same in that annual inspections and having a property you are purchasing checked out before closing are vital.

Having a septic maintenance plan is the most cost-effective route to take as your septic services provider can stay on top of whatever maintenance is needed based on your specific situation. You won’t have to worry about what should be scheduled, as they will tailor your services appropriately for complete peace of mind that your system is taken care of for optimal performance and longevity.

At RCS Inc., we provide septic maintenance in the Monroe, North Carolina area and will provide the personalized services that your septic system requires. We have more than 40 years of experience, so we have seen first-hand what can happen when a septic system is not properly and consistently cared for. While we offer a wide variety of septic services, we would much rather have you avoid the costlier options of septic tank replacement and septic repair. Call us today to learn more about our septic maintenance plan or to schedule service.