Why a Septic Inspection Should Be Done Before Closing

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Purchasing a home is an exciting time, and you are likely focused on the big picture of getting moved into the home you’ll share with your family for many years to come. You may have looked at dozens of houses before choosing one that appears ideal. Be sure to take the important steps before closing to be sure it is as perfect as it appears. A home inspection is commonly recommended by real estate agents, but if the home has a septic system, you should go a step further and have a septic inspection performed by a professional, experienced septic system company.

have a septic inspection performed by a professional

One reason to do this is that if the septic inspection indicates a problem with the septic system, you can negotiate with the seller to cover most, if not all, of the repair or replacement. Alternatively, you can walk away from the property rather than deal with an expensive septic issue if they are unwilling to resolve the problem.

Another reason to have a septic inspection performed is that you can get an estimate of its age, anticipated remaining lifespan, how long it will be before it needs cleaning, and other key information. If desired, the septic inspection can also include pumping, so when you take possession of the home, you won’t have to worry about that task.

At RCS Inc., we provide a thorough septic inspection for those purchasing a property, as well as part of our maintenance program once you are the owner and want to stay on top of caring for the septic system of your new home. Call today to learn more or to schedule a septic inspection.