Why Septic Cleaning is Vital for Your Septic System

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When you have a septic system, it is important to treat it well and keep it clean with periodic septic cleaning. Septic cleaning helps to ensure that your septic system is and stays working properly. Septic cleaning removes the sludge that develops in your septic system. Sludge is a vital part of your septic system, but eventually your septic tank will become full and will need to be cleaned out. If you do not have septic cleaning done, you run the risk of backups, clogs, and leaks. Some of the benefits and reasons for septic cleaning are:

  • Saves Money – Routinely having your septic system cleaned is a lot less expensive than repairing or replacing it because you didn’t keep up on the maintenance. While septic cleaning is being done, the professionals doing it will be able to identify potential issues and make recommendations to prevent future problems.

Why Septic Cleaning is Vital for Your Septic System

  • Keeps You Safe – A sewage leak or spill poses a serious health risk to you and your family. Keep your family and your home safe with routine septic cleaning.
  • More Effective – An overly full septic tank places a strain on the whole system. If this goes on for too long, you may end up with a negative loop, which means the sewage will reverse course and enter your home through the drains.

If it is time for your septic cleaning or it has been a while since your last one, give us a call at RCS Inc. today.