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We offer a wide variety of septic services designed to keep your septic system operating as it should.

Septic services are one of those things that most people do not think about often, and may not as often as they should. At RCS Inc., we have provided exceptional septic services in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for more than 40 years and can honestly share just how important it is to have your septic system consistently maintained. It isn’t enough to just call every 3 to 5 years for cleaning and pumping, as this may be too late to resolve what could have been an affordable repair.

Septic Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our fair prices make it affordable to keep up with septic services that will give you peace of mind that your septic system isn’t headed for trouble and that the effluent is being properly filtered before entering the soil and groundwater. We highly recommend our semi-annual maintenance program because your septic system is every bit as important as your home’s HVAC system that you likely have serviced twice a year for optimal performance.

Our septic services include installation, repairs, inspections (ongoing or real estate pre-closing), maintenance, replacement, cleaning and pumping. With proper care, your home’s septic system can give you decades of service. Avoid premature failure and replacement costs with our attentive, reliable, and affordable septic services.

If you have any questions about our septic services, either for your current home or to check out a property you are considering purchasing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to being the company you turn to for all your septic services so we can give you peace of mind that your system is working properly.

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