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You can count on the technicians at RCS Inc. to perform your septic cleaning service.

When you think about what moves through your septic tank on a regular basis, you can probably understand why regular septic cleaning is so important. Septic cleaning is part of the maintenance process you must keep up with in order to prevent the risk of damage and contamination. Failing to have your septic tank cleaned out often can lead to problems, such as sewage backup, damage to the components in your system, and contamination of the ground surrounding your tank.

Septic Cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina

If your property is in or near Charlotte, North Carolina, you can count on the technicians at RCS Inc. to perform your septic cleaning service. We have worked with many property owners over the 40+ years we’ve been in business, providing a wide range of septic services. By setting up a schedule to have your septic tank cleaned and pumped regularly, you can make sure your system is always functioning properly and avoid costly repairs. How often you need your tank pumped will depend on its size, but we can determine how frequently the service needs to be done. This maintenance service is crucial to the overall performance of all areas of the system.

When we perform a septic cleaning service, we arrive with all the equipment needed to safely and properly remove the solid waste from your tank. This includes a truck, which allows us to quickly pump out the tank and take the waste off your property, where we can dispose of it safely. During the service, we can also assess the condition of all your other septic components, including the drain field and pipes.

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