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Regular septic inspection services can reduce the risk of septic backups and other problems.

A septic inspection is an important service if you’re thinking about purchasing a home that has a septic system. If you currently live in a home that uses a septic system for the storage and processing of waste, having it inspected every few years is also a crucial aspect of caring for the components. Every septic system has multiple parts at work, including a septic tank that holds all the liquid and solid waste that comes through the drains in the house, as well as a drain field that allows the treated liquid to move back into the soil system. Some systems also include lift stations, which help to move waste when gravity-fed movement isn’t possible, grease traps to prevent fats and oils from clogging the system, or other components as well.

Septic Inspection in Charlotte, North Carolina

If any of the components in your septic system aren’t working properly, you could end up with a messy and unpleasant situation on your property. Regular septic inspection services can reduce the risk of septic backups and other problems. During the inspection, an experienced technician will assess the condition of each of the components at work, as well as identify any areas of concern and recommend repairs as needed.

If your property is in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, you can count on our team at RCS Inc. for your septic inspection needs. We work closely with local property owners to provide trustworthy services, including real estate inspections and routine inspections. If you’re scheduling a routine septic inspection, we can include a septic pumping service along with it, which is another crucial aspect of proper maintenance.

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