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You cannot do septic cleaning too frequently, only too infrequently.

Many people have a junk drawer or other location in their home where odd things tend to accumulate. Even so, every so often it is necessary to clean it out, especially when it is overflowing and something makes it so the drawer can’t be opened easily. It might surprise you that your septic system is much like that. At RCS Inc., we recommend that you consider septic cleaning service long before your septic system is overflowing, though!

Septic Cleaning in Indian Trail, North Carolina

The best way to avoid messy backups, premature failure, and costly repairs is consistent attention to the septic tank and drain field. While it may not need to be pumped and cleaned every year, we do suggest having it inspected and any maintenance done when indicated. There are some things that you can’t clean too much and that is true for septic systems, so even more than once a year isn’t unreasonable if you want complete peace of mind.

We are very thorough with septic cleaning in that we don’t just remove the waste and clean the septic tank. We also alert you to anything you might be doing incorrectly that is putting your septic system at risk. We’ll advise you if we notice things going to the septic system that it isn’t designed to handle and we’ll happily answer any questions you have so that you can take the best care of the system going forward.

If you are ready to schedule septic cleaning at your home or business in Indian Trail, North Carolina or you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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