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Keep your septic system performing its best with our septic maintenance services.

There are countless things that you own that you must properly maintain if you want trouble-free performance and the longest life possible. The septic system at your Mint Hill, North Carolina home or business is no different. At RCS Inc., we began our septic company more than 40 years ago with the goal of putting prevention first. We instituted a semi-annual septic maintenance program so that our customers could have continued peace of mind about the safe functioning of their septic system and its ability to last as long as possible without problems.

Septic Maintenance in Mint Hill, North Carolina

Whether you take advantage of our maintenance plan or not, we highly recommend you call us for septic maintenance on a regular basis to be sure everything is working as it should. It is far better to spot problems early on when we can make a septic repair that is less costly than it would be if the problem went unnoticed and became more serious. We can’t tell you the number of times we have had to do septic tank replacement because septic maintenance wasn’t done.

During septic maintenance, our technicians check over the entire septic system and accurately diagnose any issues that might be going on. They check the septic tank’s water quality and let you know if you are due for septic pumping and cleaning. They’ll advise you of any issues they find and make a recommendation regarding any mistakes that they notice are being made that could damage the system.

If you would like to know more about our septic maintenance services or schedule a visit, don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss your septic system needs.

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