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We have more than 40 years of experience with septic installation to ensure your project gets done on schedule and on budget.

If you are having a new home, cabin, or commercial property built that is beyond the reach of the Waxhaw, North Carolina sewer line system, give us a call at RCS Inc. to learn about our septic installation services. A septic system is the sewer alternative where the waste will be contained and break down on your property instead of being sent to a waste processing center.

Septic Installation in Waxhaw, North Carolina

Septic installation involves putting in a septic tank to handle the waste. The solids settle to the bottom and become composted to some extent by beneficial bacteria in the septic tank. Oils rise to the top and await being removed during septic cleaning. The effluent is between the two and gets directed to a drain field, where it is filtered before it is introduced back into the ground and eventually the groundwater. For a septic system to operate as designed, the septic installation must be done correctly. It must also follow all building code requirements.

We have more than 40 years of experience with septic installation, so we can properly decide where to locate the septic system, complete proper site preparation, and get the components into place. When we are designing the system, we go by code regulations as a minimum and spend time with you to learn if there are reasons why you might require something advanced from the code recommendations so you can be confident your septic installation will meet your needs.

Contact us to further discuss your upcoming building project and get your septic installation scheduled during the right phase of the project. We will complete the work on time and on budget so your project can stay on schedule. Call today to learn more.

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