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We have more than 40 years of experience with extending the life of septic tanks.

Most things that you own can enjoy the longest life possible with proper care, maintenance, and cleaning. In fact, many product warranties require routine care or you risk voiding them. For example, if you don’t get your vehicle serviced on a set schedule or you don’t have your carpeting professionally cleaned annually, you would have a hard time getting them to honor the warranty. At RCS Inc., we have seen many septic tanks prematurely fail in our more than 40 years of business for no other reason than neglect. It is our hope that never happens to you, and with our affordable services for septic tanks, it doesn’t have to.

Septic Tanks in Charlotte, North Carolina

We are so intent on providing exceptional care for septic tanks and drain fields that we offer a semi-annual maintenance plan so you can give your septic system the same care and attention that you would your automobile or HVAC system. During these visits, we determine if it is time to clean and pump the tank, and we thoroughly inspect it for any signs of distress that could be remedied far more affordably than if they were to progress to a more serious condition. We are also able to be a valuable resource for questions about what you should avoid putting in the septic tank and alert you if we notice an error that is being made.

Septic tanks can last for a very long time, provided they get the care they need. Don’t fall under the misconception that a pump-out every few years is enough attention, as that could put you in a tough position. If you have any questions about septic tanks and would like to schedule an appointment to have your septic system checked out, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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