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Our technicians can help determine whether you need septic tank replacement.

When your septic tank is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may notice a few warning signs. One of the most concerning problems that can impact a septic tank is a sewage backup, such as in your yard or in the sinks and toilets within your home. Another warning sign is puddles on your property. The septic tank holds and treats wastewater before it moves into the drain field, but if the tank is no longer able to do its job, it can release too much water into the drain field, leading to a flood. Unpleasant odors near where the tank or drain field is buried can also indicate a problem. If you’ve noticed the grass in a certain area of your yard is looking greener than the other areas, the septic tank could be to blame as it may be allowing too much liquid to enter the soil.

Septic Tank Replacement in Matthews, North Carolina

If you are experiencing any of these issues on your Matthews, North Carolina property, contact us at RCS Inc. to discuss septic tank replacement. We provide this service, along with many other septic services, to ensure that our customers’ septic systems are operating properly. Dealing with any of these problems at your property can be frustrating, so contacting us as soon as possible can help reduce the extent of the damage that occurs.

Our technicians can help determine whether you need septic tank replacement. We will perform a full assessment on your property and come up with a plan, whether that involves repairing the tank or doing a full septic tank replacement service.

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