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You’ll get a straight answer about septic tank replacement from us!

There are many reasons why a septic tank can fail. Improper installation, ground settling and movement, neglecting maintenance, driving heavy equipment over it, reaching the end of lifespan, and other causes can result in your needing septic tank replacement at your Mint Hill, North Carolina home. You can rest assured that you are in the best of hands when you reach out to us at RCS Inc. We have forged a stellar reputation in the Mint Hill area as a reliable septic contractor who will always keep your best interests in mind.

Septic Tank Replacement in Mint Hill, North Carolina

We will do our utmost to help you avoid the need for septic tank replacement. With our inspection, maintenance, and repair services, we can overcome many concerns and get the longest life possible from your home’s septic system. We are also a valuable resource for the information you need to know to prevent problems. You can count on us to provide you with an accurate assessment and honest recommendation about septic tank replacement. We can provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

If you have been told you need septic tank replacement and would like a second opinion from a company with more than four decades of experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to schedule an inspection to assess the condition of your septic tank and drain field. We also recommend you schedule an inspection on a property you have under contract so you’ll know if septic tank replacement is necessary before you are responsible for the expense. Contact us today to learn more.

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