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Our technicians have the skills and experience needed to take care of septic tanks.

Septic tanks are large concrete boxes that are placed beneath the ground of a property that needs its own self-contained waste processing system. You may have a septic system if your property is in a rural area of Waxhaw, North Carolina or one of the surrounding cities, and the plumbing isn’t connected to the main sewer processing plant in the area. Many local property owners rely on septic systems to manage the liquid and solid waste that comes through the drains in their homes and businesses, and every system includes a tank.

Septic Tanks in Waxhaw, North Carolina

When you flush something down a toilet or rinse something down a drain, the waste moves through your pipes and into the septic tank. Within the tank, the solid waste forms layers of sludge, while the liquid waste moves to the top and is treated by bacteria and chemicals. After being treated, the wastewater moves out of the tank into the drain field, which includes a series of perforated pipes that provide an extra layer of filtration as the water re-enters the soil.

Septic tanks must be pumped and cleaned regularly as part of their required maintenance. If you don’t have this service done regularly, you could end up with an overloaded septic tank that overflows onto your property. Additionally, failing to maintain the tank properly can lead to damage that is costly to repair. At RCS Inc., we understand septic tanks and the other components used in septic systems. We can install new and replacement tanks, diagnose problems and perform repairs, and handle the necessary maintenance. Our technicians have the skills and experience needed to take care of septic tanks.

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